Medical Caricature
Medical Caricature

This is about Medical Caricature designs. The drawing templates contain: doctor, clinical director, dentist, surgeon, physician, pediatrician, home health aide, nursing aide, nursing supervisor, nurse, surgeon, orthopedist, consulting room and more designs... For your custom caricature face, our artist will draw it from your photo.

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Doctor Caricature

Doctor Caricature
Wearing a doctor's white coat and a stethoscope on neck.

Medical Female Doctor Caricatures

Female Doctor
Wearing a white coat with a medical record book in hand.

Surgeon Caricature

Surgeon Caricature
Standing, smiling, hanging a stethoscope around his neck.

Physician Caricature

Physician Caricature
Standing, smiling, hands around her waist.

Medical Internist Caricature

In the ward, standing and wearing Superman clothes.

Pharmacist Caricature

Pharmacist Caricature
In the pharmacy, holding the pharmaceutical can in hands.

Dentist Caricature

Dentist Caricature
In dentist's office, having dental surgery tools in hands.

Medical Female Dentist Caricatures

Female Dentist
Sitting on a giant tooth model next to a large toothbrush.

Medical Surgeon Dentist Caricatures

Surgeon Dentist
Hold a tooth model with a clamp and a drill in other hand.

Medical Dental Clinic Caricature

Dental Clinic
Dental operating room with dental surgical tools in hands.

Medical Tooth Care Dentist Caricature

Medical Tooth Care Dentist
One hand with a toothbrush, one hand with a tooth model.

Dental Caricature

Dental Caricature
One hand with a fork, one hand with a dental model.

Medical Eye Doctor Caricatures

Eye Doctor
Wearing a white coat, hands on his chest.

Oculist Caricature

Oculist Caricature
Wearing a doctor's uniform, holding a vision chart.

Medical Ophthalmologist Caricature

A male doctor standing, smiling, wearing a headmirror.

Medical Stomatologist Caricatures

A female doctor standing, smiling, wearing a headmirror.

Orthopedist Caricature

Orthopedist Caricature
Standing in the interrogation room, a patient laying beside.

Medical Xray Technologists Caricature

Medical Xray Technologists
Holding an X-ray showing the patient's chest.

Medical Cardiologist Caricature

Standing with a human heart model in hand.

Dietitian Caricature

Dietitian Caricature
With all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits in hands.

Nurse Caricatures

Nurse Caricature
Wearing a nurse's suit, with a syringe in one hand.

Medical Health Aide Caricature

Medical Health Aide
Wearing a nurse's and holding a needle for injection.

Medical Pediatrician Caricature

Stand and smile, put hands on his waist.

Medical General Practitioner Caricature

General Practitioner
Wearing a doctor's overalls, a stethoscope around neck.

Chirurgeon Caricatures

Chirurgeon Caricature
Female doctor carrying a medical record check book.

Medical Female Dr Caricatures

Medical Female Dr
Dr wears a doctor's suit and holds a medical record book.

Medical Male Dr Caricature

Medical Male Dr
Standing in front of the medical record cabinet.

Medical Analyst Caricatures

Medical Analyst
One hand with a test tube, the other with a dropper.

Medical Gynecologist Caricature

In the delivery room, holding a newborn baby in hands.

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